The Talented Learner

Lifelong learning is one of my guiding values. I believe in investing time, effort and money into opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I have helped many persons to learn by identifying resources to achieve their goals and remove barriers to success. I see life, learning and leadership as an ongoing journey. We continue to … Continue reading The Talented Learner

Is your team in it to win it?

Relays teach us important lessons about effective teams and succession. Disclaimer: None of the videos included in this post are mine, therefore, all images, audio and rights belong to the original creators.  A team is a group of interdependent people who share a common purpose / work and hold each other accountable (Cummings & Worley, … Continue reading Is your team in it to win it?

Educating The Next Generation: Improve your RESP IQ

Disclaimer: The views shared are my own and do not represent the perspectives of any government entities or financial institutions. This blog is not intended to give advice in any way. Please refer to your financial advisor and / or RESP provider (financial institution) for guidance regarding your specific situation. This blog is meant to give … Continue reading Educating The Next Generation: Improve your RESP IQ